Client: interdisciplinary art project

Ruth Zamoyta is Communications Director and Project Manager of Blanket Stories, a collaborative art project conceived by Richard Jochum

Media artist Richard Jochum conceived of Blanket Stories: an interdisciplinary art project which involves outreach to artists and poets, inviting them to contribute to an anthology, and exhibit, and an online gallery of poems and art. Their work must directly respond to the Blanket Story, a tale of sibling rivalry, which is podcast on I am overseeing the management of this project, and responsible for the communications campaign. I helped design the architecture of the websites, wrote the copy, and set up Twitter and Facebook platforms with the help of my volunteer Nick. Once we have chosen our contributors from among the many submissions that have been rolling in, we will start content-marketing. With the rich, sensual content of art and poetry, this is certain to travel far through social channels.

  • Project management
  • Communications strategy
  • Content strategy
  • Social media
  • Website copywriting
  • Information architecture
  • User experience

–Ruth Zamoyta

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