Case Studies

Case Studies by Ruth Zamoyta
If You See Something, Say Something Metropolitan Opera Case Study National Public Radio (NPR) Case Study
Netflix Case Study Communications strategy for Bond Street Theatre Pratt Institute
Pillsbury Case Study New York City Tourism Case Study Martha Stewart Case Study
New Balance Case Study james Patterson Case Study Snapple Case Study

Bond Street Theatre: Raise $80K and 3,000 new donors for this international aid organization through networking and direct marketing to New York professional women with big hearts and a global outlook.

If You See Something, Say Something: Persuade subway riders in the weeks before the NYC Marathon to “See Something, Say Something” by appealing to their sense of empowerment and community.

James Patterson: Attract new readers through direct-marketing campaign targeting “easy, fast & fun” content addicts, and increasing two-way engagement on Facebook and forums.

Martha Stewart: Restore reputation and drive sales of digital magazines through Pinterest campaign aimed at young aspirational hostesses.

Metropolitan Opera: Recruit young cultural omnivores to opera through a Twitter campaign cross-promoting high-Klout bloggers in different entertainment genres.

National Public Radio (NPR): Double memberships by targeting conspicuously informed Americans through greater community engagement, connectivity, and brand extensions.

Netflix: Grow subscribership through integrated marketing campaign capitalizing on movie-watchers’ desire to be interesting to their peers.

New Balance: Lift this footwear manufacturer to #3 in market share through PR campaign flaunting corporate social responsibility yet preserving the “culture of humble.”

NYC: Increase tourism by 15M visitors/year by targeting young cultural omnivores with multi-channel outreach campaign involving loyalty plans, PR, social media, and mobile apps.

Pillsbury: Gain 5% Canadian market share through messaging strategy tapping into the fear of letting friends down.

Pratt Institute: Cultivate alumni donors by engaging them in the revamp of Pratt’s visual identity.

Snapple: Lift to #3 in market share by amplifying Latinas’ desire to be fashionable, youthful, and assimilated through ¡Vive en Color! integrated marketing campaign.

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