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Art Project
Ruth Zamoyta helps with search engine optimization
Retail B2B
Real Estate
Ruth Zamoyta helps IT firm with website copy
Ruth Zamoyta helps MIIA with information architecture

Performing Arts: With exhaustive market research, a comprehensive survey yielding 600+ respondents, and dozens of in-depth audience interviews, crafted a communications strategy to boost attendance at an arts festival in Newark, NJ.

Art project at Columbia University: Managing collaborative art project, recruiting and managing volunteers, developing content strategy, built web presence including website architecture and copy and social media.

Small museum in Manhattan: Using content strategy, and content marketing, launched website for small museum in Manhattan and significantly increased sales and acquisitions.

Municipal insurance provider: Strategically restructured information architecture for website of a municipal insurance provider, facilitating navigation and significantly lowering customer complaints.

Boutique publishing company: For a small press, achieved sell-out of a new title within four months using word-of-mouth, event planning, and PR. Developed website content and architecture, built social media platforms and drove content through the channels.

Educational art supplier: For an art supplier rewrote website copy using SEO, achieving increased hits and lower bounce.

Vacation property in Adirondacks: Wrote, designed, and advertised vacation rental real estate website, achieving increased bookings.

IT consultancy: For small IT firm in NYC, rewrote copy.

Organic gardening consultancy:Incorporating search engine optimization (SEO) into new website design, lifted organic gardening consulting company to top of Google search results.

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